Enjoy your Retirement!

With more time on your hands you will be able spend time on the activities you enjoy. You may even want to tick off a few items from your bucket list. Life expectancy has increased over the last number of decades so this will mean that you have more time to enjoy your retirement.

The state pension is designed to cover basic living needs for pensioners. The majority of people will suffer a substantial drop in income once they retire so it is important to provide your own resources to supplement the state pension. Recent changes to the state pension has increased the age that some people will start getting the state pension to 68. The age that you will become entitled to the state pension depends on your age and your eligibility to receive any state pension is based on your PRSI records.

Retirement Planning will help you put a plan in place to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle that you have come accustomed to in your retirement. This plan will take account of your existing resources including savings, existing pensions, property or even a company which you may own.


A pension is simply a savings plan which allows you to save for your retirement in a tax efficient manner. Saving in a pension can result in a much higher value at retirement compared to saving or investing outside of a pension:

  • Contributions to a pension may qualify for income tax relief at your marginal rate. For each €100 contributed to a pension the net cost to you is €60 after tax relief. (This assumes a 40% marginal tax rate and that you have income that pension relief is allowable on).
  • Any returns on your pension fund will be added to your fund tax free. Compare this to a deposit account where DIRT of 41% will be deducted from your interest each year.
  • At retirement you can take a portion of your pension fund Tax Free
  • There are a number of different types of pensions and the rules and terminology with pension can be mind boggling. Our qualified and experienced advisers will be able to explain your pension and options in a clear way and they will provide you with Independent, Impartial advice.​

Pension Review Service

Lakeview Financial Consultants are able to review your existing pension irrespective of where you originally set up your pension. We will conduct a detailed review of your pension and we will advise you on our recommendations.

We will review:​

  • The charges on your pension.
  • Where your pension is invested and determine if this suits you and your plans.
  • Assess the level of contributions you are making to determine if these are sufficient to meet  your retirement plans.
  • We will also be on hand to answer any other queries you have on your pension.
  • Self Employed
  • Old Employment
  • your Options

A pension is one of the most tax efficient ways of extracting money from your company. Once funds are contributed to a pension they are held seperate to company’s assets which provides protection. You will also benefit from diversification given that the pension funds will be invested outside of your business.

Independent Pension Advice

Lakeview Financial Consultants can offer impartial advice on following types of pensions:

  • Personal pensions
  • Company pensions
  • Pensions from old employers
  • Pensions for company directors & self employed
  • Group pensions
  • Life cover
  • Property investments through pensions
  • AVC's
  • Foreign Pensions

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