Quite Smoking and save on your life Insurance

cheaper life insuranceFirst of all congratulations on giving up the cigs, After years trying I managed it many years ago and it was not easy.

What you many people know is that if you manage to give up the cigarettes you should be talking to your local  life insurance broker. After about 12 months off the  cigarettes,  you could see a saving of 50% off your life insurance policy.

That’s a massive saving. Here at Lakeview Finance, we have advised and helped hundreds of people in Monaghan & Cavan adjust their Life Insurance Policy based on their new reality as a nonsmoker.

Some have reduced their monthly payments while others have decided to keep their monthly payments the same while dramatically increasing the amount of cover they are getting. It’s up to you.

Here are some examples of the possible savings

  1. John has a life cover policy. Saving of €20.99 per month when he a non-smoker. This equates to €251 per year or €4,533 over the 18 remaining years on his policy. (Current premium €48.26 pm, non-smoker premium 27.27 pm)
  1. Caroline has a mortgage protection policy. Current payments €16.84 per month. Non Smoker premium11.92 per month. Saving of 4.92 per month, 59.04 per year and 1,594.08 over remaining 27 years
  1. Mortgage protection policy with premium of 42.25 per month. Covers husband and wife and both were smokers. Nonsmoker premiums 24.10 per month Saving of 18.15 pm, 217.80 p/a or 6,534 over remaining 30-year term

If you have given up smoking but have not adjusted your life insurance cover then call 047 82575 today and ask for Joe or Dermot and lets bag those savings today.

We are more than happy to meet you if required, either in our office or in your home. We are available evening or Saturday mornings if that is more convenient to you.